Sunday, 12 August 2012

Flowers for Flower Girls? Maybe not....

I'd originally planned on having my super cute flower girls carry a pretty ivory rose floral ball (those ones that have a ribbon handle and almost look like a very round floral clutch) down the aisle, but on visiting the Save the Date wedding fair and seeing the lovely button bouquets on offer from Vintage Magnolia, I changed my mind at the last minute. It was a fab decision.

The lovely Lucy at Vintage Magnolia made the gorgeous ivory and gold button bouquets featured in the pictures below. Not only were they beautiful and quirky, but they made a great keepsake for my adorable flower girls and actually ended up costing less then the floral ball thingy's (apologies, not quite sure of the actual terminology...)!

Lucy even thought of the little details and asked me what letters my flower girls names started with so that she could add 'H' and 'A' letter charms to the bouquets, alongside cute little 'made with love' charms and all those pretty little buttons. Needless to say, I'd definitely recommend checking out their wonderful website and thinking outside the box when it comes to some of the smaller details that you might otherwise take for granted....

Thanks for reading,