Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Wedding Event with a Difference

As I sit down in front of my computer this evening, I can't help but think how absolutely lovely a day I've had. It's been brimming with wedding good times and I've been lucky enough to finalise a few more of my big day details thanks to Save the Date Magazine.

This morning I convinced my husband to be (after repeatedly telling him how much I appreciated his support and interest) to come along with me to the Wedding Event with a Difference at the Nottingham Conference Centre. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised at the plethora of quality East Midlands wedding suppliers. Having been to the country's biggest wedding show at the NEC three times in the last year and half, I've been used to seeing a supplier I love, only to find out that they're based in London, Birmingham or somewhere in between and that they don't service the Nottingham area unless you're prepared to pay a small fortune in transport fee's. It was refreshing and pleasing to see something I liked, and then discover that the supplier was based in the village down the road from me!

The event organisers clearly have a passion for all things beautiful in the world of weddings and from the catwalk shows to the seminars it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. My favourite bits? The brilliant tea towel invites supplied by Ruby and Diva (pictured below - I love these!!), the heritage for hire Royal Mail Post Box from Instant Momento (also pictured below), the informative Seminar on wedding day photography by Rachael Connerton and the general inspiration from all the lovely and talented suppliers. From luggage case table plans to vintage and beautiful center pieces, it was a fantastic way to spend a Sunday.

For hire post box. Brilliant idea!

Love these tea towel invites. You can also change the text to 'Got Married' and use them as a favour. I may or may not have a sample on my way to me now...
Thanks for reading,