Saturday, 3 March 2012

A Disney Princess

I'm not gonna lie, when I was 10, I wanted to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She had brown hair, was fiercely strong and independent, could sing beautifully and made a prince fall in love with her (okay, so he was a 'Beast' at the time, but it all worked out in the end didn't it?). Maybe that's why, when Alfred Angelo launched their Disney wedding dress collection in July of last year, I was 100%, head over heels, in love.

My standout favourites from the first collection were by far 'Belle' and 'Snow White'. The Belle dress has all the romantic charm of the original, but luckily, isn't yellow! I love love love the sparkling detail on the bodice, the detachable tulle shrug and the floaty feminine skirt. It's an incredibly flattering and beautiful dress that would make any bride feel like a princess (just maybe don't refer to your husband to be as the beast....).

While I never dreamed of being Snow White as a 10 year old, after seeing Alfred Angelo's amazing take on the sleeping princess's dress, I dreamed of being her at the age of 27. The lace bodice beautifully embellished with sparkling organza apple blossoms that trail their way down the perfectly full net skirt meant one at first sight. *Sigh* This is the dress that I couldn't stop myself from repeatedly pulling out at the dress shop. It's even more beautiful in person and with a price tag under £1000 it's too good to be true.

Somehow, unbeknownst to me, I missed the launch of Alfred Angelo's second Disney collection. I stumbled on the new range last week which now means that there are 16 princess inspired dresses to choose from, and even better, all new 'Disney Blossoms' and 'Disney Maidens' ranges for those oh so sweet flower girls and your lovely bridesmaids. The Bridesmaids collection is pushing it a bit in referencing Disney, but the Blossoms range is divine.

They have mini Belle, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella dresses that could make any girls Disney Princess dreams come true. They are a bit pricey compared to the likes of Monsoon and John Lewis, but you can see why. They have all the attention to detail and beautiful embellishment of a wedding dress - but just on a smaller scale.

In terms of the new Bridal Disney collection, I'm not sure that any of the new lines capture my heart the way the original Belle and Snow White did. It feels like they've gone a bit away from the princess silhouette that charmed me so much the first time around. I do like the new version of Belle, but I'm not sure if I like it as much as the original. At least they've kept all of the original collection and have just used the 8 new lines to add to it (phew).

Have a look for yourselves and let me know what you think...

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  1. No suprise here that my favorit dresses are the Ariel dresses ;) But I also really love the snow white dress, it's gorgeous!

    Lacey :)