Sunday, 4 March 2012

He Never Leaves the Seat Up

It's a bit of an overcast, rainy and slightly miserable day in old blighty today, but luckily, I've got a few lovely wedding bits to sort out. My husband to be and I are down to the last day in terms of choosing our wedding readings, music and other ceremony details. We've probably left it a tiny bit late to make the final decisions considering our meeting with the registrar is tomorrow (oops!)....

We've decided to have two readings and have chosen one for definite, and still have one to decide on. I've been researching, googling and reading dozens of wedding readings this morning and in the last week to try and come up with a second reading that is perfect for us. Every couple is different and trying to find something that we both love as well as feels reflects us, is not an easy task.  

Pam Ayres seems to come up quite often in other blogs, wedding websites and google searches. She has a brilliant writing style that is humorous but sincere and very genuine. I read a few of her other poems before stumbling upon 'He Never Leaves the Seat Up'. It may not have the title of a romantic wedding reading, but it epitomises my husband to be and I to the letter. The last paragraph leaves me in tears every time I read it, so please enjoy:

He Never Leaves the Seat Up - By Pam Ayres

He never leaves the seat up
Or wet towels upon the floor
The toothpaste has the lid on
And he always shuts the door!

She’s very clean and tidy
Though she may sometimes delude
Leave your things out at your peril
In a second they’ll have moved!

He’s a very active person
As are all his next of kin
Where as she likes lazy days
He’ll still drag her to the gym!

He romances her and dines her
Home cooked dinners and the like
He even knows her favourite food
And spoils her day and night!

She’s thoughtful when he looks at her
A smile upon his face
Will he look that good in 50 years
When his dentures aren’t in place?!

He says he loves her figure
And her mental prowess too
But when gravity takes her over
Will she charm with her IQ?

She says she loves his kindness
And his patience is a must
And of course she thinks he’s handsome
Which in her eyes is a plus!

They’re both not wholly perfect
But who are we to judge
He can be pig headed
Where as she won’t even budge!

All that said and done
They love the time they spent together
And I hope as I’m sure you do
That this fine day will last forever.

He’ll be more than just her husband
He’ll also be her friend
And she’ll be more than just his wife
She’s be his soul mate ‘till the end.

If you want to check out any more brilliant poems by the lovely Pam Ayres then check out her website below. She has a few other humorous wedding poems that would make for fantastic readings:

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  1. Well this just made me cry!! It captures you and M so well, just gorgeous, just like your relationship, love you and can't wait to be there with you on the big day...Vx