Sunday, 4 March 2012

Bridesmaid's Survival Kit

As my big day draws nearer, the little details are becoming more and more important. At the start of the planning process, it was things like Venue, Musicians, Photographer and Dress. Now, all the minute details within those sub categories are being decided on and finalized.  

One of my favourite bits so far has been choosing my bridesmaids gifts. Having six of them (I know, slightly crazy) I've had to be quite cautious and cost minded to keep within budget while still making sure they feel spoiled. I love the idea of presenting them each with a 'Bridesmaid Survival Kit' on the day. Whether it comes with a charming clutch bag, a delightful make-up bag or just as is, it makes for a reasonably priced and very useful pressie.

I gave myself a budget of £20 and went down to the local Boots to see what I could squeeze into that budget and into a clutch bag. For £19 I came up with the below:

Survival Kit Contents:

Number 1 and most important - Kleenex. These individual tissue packets are a must for Bridesmaids, Brides, Mother of the Brides, and anyone else that like me, gets a little emotional at weddings. For 39p, it's a no brainer!

Number 2 - Hair grips. If your bridesmaids are having an up do then some extra grips to pin back any bits that aren't behaving are the way forward. At £1.59 for the whole pack, you can give each girl all twenty or split them up between them.

Number 3 - Hair Spray. Definitely a necessity no matter how they're wearing their hair. This mini bottle from Charles Worthington is perfectly sized and priced for the clutch bag at £1.99.

Number 4 - Plasters (or band-aids for any North American readers). Whether they're used for sore feet or paper cuts (those order of service's can be deadly) it's always useful to have a couple just in case. I love these Disney Princess ones. They're £3.19 a box, but I'd split them up between bridesmaids so that they can each have their favourite princess!

Number 5 - Lipbalm. It might just be me, but one of my biggest pet peeves is having dry lips - hence the lightly tinted lip salve. This soft pink one from boots adds a lovely shine to any pout and for £1.00 is an absolute essential.

Number 6 - Deodorant. I'm not saying that I have funny smelling bridesmaids, but having a bit of deodorant in their bag on a very long and active day is always a bonus, especially when it smells this nice! For £2.05 they can smell fresh and lovely all day long. 

Number 7 - Hairbrush/Mirror. I love these. They're small, compact and multifunctioning. What's not to like. I found this Denman one at boots for £2.89 and think it's perfect for any little brush ups that are needed on the day.

Number 8 - Love Hearts Perfume. You could go more extravagant with the perfume, but I kind of love this £5.00 option. It comes in a variety of different scents, and if the blurb on the packaging can be believed, you can mix and match to create your own sweet scent. Why not buy one bridesmaid Strawberry Cream, another Vanilla Bomb, so that together they can make a Strawberry Sundae?

Number 9 - Elastic Bands. These are probably more applicable if your bridesmaids are having their hair down, but are a definite must for those that do. I can't even count the number of times I've been desperate to put my hair up later in the evening when all that dancing requires a more practical hair style. They're £1.75 for 12 so you can easily split these out between girls.

Last but not least, Number 10 - Hand Cream. There's nothing worse than dry hands and this mini of Johnson's 24 hour moisture cream is perfectly made for handbags. At £2.09 it's the perfect final addition.

And if you don't want to spend the full £20, or don't have a clutch to fit it all, here's the cost breakdown by type:

The Hair Essentials:

Pretty and Fun:

Handbag Staples:

Hope you've enjoyed reading this as much as I've enjoyed buying and writing it.

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  1. Wonderful writing, great ideas and a thoroughly enjoyable post! xo