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My Top 10 Hen Do Games/Activities

Considering the hen do is the one part of my wedding that I'm not actually planning and sorting out (thank you in advance to my lovely bridesmaids who I absolutely know have done a fantabulous job), it's still something that I've put a lot of thought into. Yes, I have probably annoyed aforementioned lovely bridesmaids with my constant requests for do's and don'ts, but as I'm used to being in control, it's sometimes a bit hard to let go.

So, in my hen do brainstorming, I've come up with my top 10 games and activities for a brilliant hen do which I've accumulated through experience, the internet and word of mouth.

1)Mr and Mrs quiz. I've yet to attend a hen do where this didn't go down a storm. For those not familiar with the quiz of all quiz's, I'll give a bit of a summary. It's basically where you ask the groom in advance of the hen do to fill out a bit of a questionnaire on the bride, himself and their relationship. Then during the hen do, you ask the bride the same questions and get her to guess what he would have answered. The funnier the questions the better, and usually the humour comes from the variance in what the bride and the groom have to say more than anything else. A few of my favourites are, 'What is his worst habit?', 'What item do you find hard to share with your future husband?' and 'What celebrity does he fancy?'. I've played various versions of this game, but I think the best was when it was turned into a bit of a drinking game to get the night started. Each guest was given one of the questions to ask , and if the bride got it right, then the guest had to drink, but if the bride got it wrong, she did. Brilliance!

2)Dance Class! One of my favourite hen do's involved a Glee dance class. It was pure genius and got everyone laughing, twirling and singing along to the music together. Being a bit of a Gleek myself, I loved it!

P.S. Hope the lovely ladies above don't mind me posting these pics! They're brilliant!

3)Photo dares. I did this at one of my colleagues hen do's and it was such a great ice-breaker and a hilarious way to get everyone in the hen do mood. Disposable camera's were distributed among the guests along with various tasks and places to get yourselves photographed in during the night. It was things like getting a photo behind the bar, in somebody else's clothes and with celebrity look-alikes (trying to find a David Beckham was not may have been a bit of a stretch, but in the end that was what made it even funnier). At the end of the night the bridesmaids gathered the camera's and pre-wedding had the photo's developed and a photo album with all the pics made for the bride. So not only was it brilliant fun on the night, but a great memento for the bride to be!

4)Photoshoot fun. I think most brides have various groups of friends coming together for their hen do so I love the idea of doing a hen do photoshoot. It's one of the only times you'll have all your friends together in one place so is the perfect opportunity to capture the moment in film. It's also a fairly inexpensive activity once the cost is distributed amongst everyone so makes for a great way to spend an hour or two and gives everyone a bit of a souvenir of the event.

5)The Theatre. Trying to convince my husband to be to sit through Mama Mia, Dirty Dancing or Legally Blond the Musical, is like trying to get blood from a stone. Where as I don't think I have a single girl friend that wouldn't jump at the idea of seeing Baby carry watermelons or Sophie and Sky sing 'Lay all Your Love on Me'.

6)The Spa. I love the spa and have begged and pleaded for it to be part of the Friday activities at my hen do. I can't imagine anything better then relaxing with some good friends, maybe a bit of champagne, and getting pampered.

7)Cupcakes and Cocktails. It's not something I've done before, but with loads of hen do planners providing cupcakes and cocktails activities, I think it's a fantastic idea. I love cupcakes. I love cocktails. Easy.

8)Scrapbook. We did this for the lovely Vicky's wedding and it was such a sweet and thoughtful gift from everyone who came. At some point or other during the weekend, each guest wrote a message and/or gave a photo to one of the bridesmaids for Vicky. The bridesmaid then made a beautiful scrapbook with all the bride to be's friends and loved ones messages and pictures. Love!

9)Karaoke. Oh yes, the dreaded Karaoke. I happen to love it. Especially after a few long island ice tea's or glasses of vino. When it's just friends it doesn't matter if you try to rap along to eminem or end up singing an uber cheesy lovely song dedicated to your soon to be husband. My only suggestion would be to go to one of the places where you and your party get your very own room. Then not only do you and your friends have complete control over the songlist and microphone, but it makes everyone more at ease.

10)Last but not least, a bit of boogying. I think every hen do should end up with a good bit of dancing the night away. One of the best and well planned bits of the last hen do I went to was reserving an area at the nightclub we went to. I never would have thought it would be so nice to have somewhere to sit a bit and just relax. This is particularly useful if you have a big group. It's not something that I would ever think about when just out with a few friends as you tend to all do the same thing at the same time, but with a big group, some people will be up for dancing hours on end, but others will need a bit of a break. Definitely my number one top tip for a successful night out!

What fun and fantastic things have you done at hen do's? Let me know!

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