Welcome to my blog page!

For whatever reason, I'm fairly new to the world of blogs. I am so so sooooo excited to be a part of it all and to share my honest opinions, personal experiences, and any other random info relating to weddings that I happen to come across.

I'm lucky enough to have met the man I want to spend the rest of my life with and somehow convinced him to spend the rest of his life with me too. I loved every last minute of planning, organising and researching my perfect dream day.  I've met some lovely people along the way and have enjoyed every minute of being immersed in the wedding world - which in short is why I've started this blog.

Over the coming days, weeks and hopefully years (!), I want this page to become a plethora of good advice, idea's, story's and the likes, that other brides, bridesmaids, grooms, and anyone else that's interested can have a good read, a good laugh and come out the other side maybe just a bit more informed.
Thanks for reading,