Friday, 24 February 2012

Bands of Gold

So it's Friday and it's payday...not gonna lie, it's quite possibly my favoritist day of the month. It also means that tomorrow's Saturday and I have a lovely full bank account just waiting for me to have a little nosey around the shops. Except for one thing - I'm getting married in just over three months and all that disposable income that I used to happily spend on the high street is now very importantly put aside for wedding things only (although it's amazing what I can justify as a wedding buy...).

That's why whenever I find a good bargain on a wedding essential I get a little bit excited and feel the need to share my fantastic find with anyone who will listen. Perhaps my best bargain so far has been on our wedding bands. After reading through volumes of Bridal magazines and seeing wedding ring budgets from £500 to £1500 I gave myself a tentative £1200 limit.

After one afternoon dragging my husband to be around the high street jewellers trying on band after band (all while my hands got considerably warmer and warmer and each ring evoked a mild panic attack at the thought of getting it stuck and the embarrassing situation that would result in) I realised that £1200 was probably a little under the mark with the gold prices where they are. We were consistently quoted £1300 or more. However, I wasn't disheartened and by the end of the day we'd sorted out the exact spec of band we wanted - width, weight, colour and karat amount. Being one of online shopping's biggest fans (one click buying on Amazon is one of the most dangerous functions ever invented) I thought I'd have a snoop around the Internet before committing to £1300 of high street gold.

There are a lot of jewellers online these days, and since they don't have to pay all the overheads that a shop does they can give you the product at much much cheaper prices. The average saving for the bands we'd chosen was about £800. Maybe I should repeat that....eight.hundred.pounds. It's not just penny's that you save by going online. Saving £800 on rings could mean that you can all of a sudden afford a photobooth, that band you loved, a videoagrapher, or just mean you don't have to give up Latte's for a year to save that extra bit of cash.

 I ended up checking out a jewellers I'd bought from before - Joshua James. They do quite a bit of branded jewellery and I'd bought some of their nomination charms as Christmas pressies the year previous. Their website was fabulous and easy to use. They didn't charge for postage or packaging and having used them before I trusted their quality. For the rings we wanted it was just over £550 all in. They sent the rings in a lovely display box and delivered in just over a week. I couldn't fault them if I tried. I'm so very happy with my purchase and felt it was definitely worth sharing. Have you found a great wedding bargain online? Please share if you have as I'm always looking :)

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  1. i so enjoyed this post! i would never have thought to buy them online. but then, you're the queen when it comes to good for you. what a savings!!

    you write very well....did you take journalism in post-secondary?? your rings look gorgeous. love you! xo