Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A Bit of Eylure

I seem to have a bit of a 'glamming it up' theme to this weeks posts to date, so thought I may as well continue on that path and write about my new found love/obsession - fake eyelashes. Why it's taken me so long to discover the amazement that is falsies, I'm not quite sure, but after using them for the first time on my FYEO shoot, I'm in love. They will definitely have a starring role in my wedding day, hen do and any other night out from now until I have too much grey hair to be able to pull them off.

Being somewhat of an eye-phobe (the thought of eye drops and contact lenses sends shivers down my spine) I thought the process of applying, wearing and removing fake eyelashes would be a lot more traumatising then it actually was. It always seemed like a complicated and unnecessary accessory that I was better off without. I have to say, I was completely and utterly incorrect in my assumptions. They were easy to apply, easy to wear and even easier to remove. Being new to the world of fake eyelashes, before attempting my first application I scoured the internet for top tips from the experts. Truth be told, I didn't learn that much more than what was on the foldout instructions that came with the lashes themselves. My top tip would definitely be to just follow those handy included instructions.

For my virgin falsies trial, I went for the dramatic and beautifully full 10th Anniversary Girls Aloud lashes from Eylure (pictured below). They were amazing. They're so thick and full I didn't even need to put mascara on. While they might be a bit much for my actual wedding day, I definitely want something along these lines (maybe just taken down a notch or two) for my big day look.

 For my FYEO shoot, I paired these luxe eyelashes with super smoky eyes. These lashes definitely need some over the top eye make-up to sit alongside of. Anything less would lose it's impact. I'm not gonna lie, I was a little bit in love with my eyes that day. I've never seen them look so big, beautiful and glamourous. Definitely a look I want to repeat.
 My second top tip (that doesn't come in the foldout instructions) would be to make sure you have a good liquid liner handy to go over the lash seam. If you leave it as is, you'll either get white glue marks (not so nice when you've just spent ages getting your eye make-up just right) or a very noticeable seam (whether or not it's your wedding day, a big noticeable eyelash seam just isn't a good look).
 I'll also make sure to leave myself plenty of time on my wedding day to get my lashes in place. If it all goes wrong you need time to do a bit of an eye-shadow/liner touch up. I can't imagine anything worse then being rushed and stressed trying to delicately apply some lashes a few minutes before my ceremony.
All in all, I've 100% been converted to the joy that is false eyelashes. With literally hundreds of styles, brands and shapes to chose from I know what I'll be trialling every Saturday night from now until my wedding day...

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  1. Wow, so beautiful ! for your first time you did a great job Chels! I just LOVE falsies, worn them for halloween, new years and many more nights to come. I'm pro at putting them on, so not to worries for the day of, we'll all be on hand with extra glue, liner and plenty of back-up's (never know when one of those babies will fall off, lol, not such a good look) xo. Chell-bell

  2. I too love False eyelashes! Ever since I started dancing again they have become a staple in my performing/going out makeup routine! I also help put on alot of the girls lashes so i've become somewhat of an expert in that regard so I too can help you on your big day if need be, and I promise I wont poke you in the eye ;) Also, a tip I found really helpful is to put the glue on the lashes then wait aproximatley 30 seconds before you apply them, that way the glue is more tacky and will stick in place much easier!

    Lacey :)