Sunday, 12 August 2012

Edible lace? Yes please!

Another one of my last minute changes pre-wedding day was my cake. I'd originally chosen a fairly basic Waitrose option as it was something that I thought you either had to pay £500 for, or go quite simple with (like an M&S or Waitrose option). I was wrong, and I have to say, visiting local wedding fairs in the last couple of months before my big day really opened my eyes to the abundance of fabulously talented local suppliers that are available if you just spend the time having a nose around. It's definitely one of my number one learning's from my own wedding day. You get a much more personalised service and in my case, I found that every local supplier I used went above and beyond my requests and added their own little special touches to their favoured crafts.

Jeanine at Strawberry Cupcakes was no exception. She did an amazing job on my deliciously yummy, and very beautiful, edible lace covered cake. I even got to see (and eat!) samples of cakes with varying shades of gold lace so that I could make sure it was just perfect on the day. She doesn't make the cakes until the morning of so they're perfectly fresh, and she has such an obvious passion and excitement for cake decorating that's hard to not get enthused by. In the end, I only ended up paying about £30 more then I would've on my basic, 2 tier, plain ivory Waitrose cake and got a stunning and memorable wedding cake in return. Definitely the right choice to go local and personal!

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