Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A Dukan Update and Some Pretty Frames...

Somehow I've let two days go by without posting on my much loved blog (much loved by me more than anything else!). I blame it on the lovely summery weather we're getting here in the UK, my sometimes demanding work and my time consuming excursion down London ways yesterday afternoon to pick up a surprise wedding gift for my husband to be. Oh, and sorting out a few nice little wedding bits like my pre-wedding shoot with my brilliant and very talented photographer and my prettily framed table plan.

So, first things first, I'm a few days late on the Dukan update. It's officially been 3 weeks and 2 days since I started on the ever increasing in fame french diet. I'm up to a total of 12lbs lost. You may or may not remember that last week I'd just reached the 10lbs mark after two full weeks, so yes, the weight loss has slowed down a bit. They do say that this will happen so at least I expected it. I'm still more than pleased with my results so far and actually still find it fairly easy to follow. I have treated myself to a few mini treats in the last week (actually, that might have something to do with the weight loss slowing down...hmmmm...) but to be honest, I think that's whats kept me going. A mini square of homemade fridge cake, a tiny slice of lemon tart and a couple of M&M peanuts can't do too much harm! I've still managed to have a lovely Saturday night round friends (I'm lucky enough to have very thoughtful friends who made sure that their dinner party food was Dukan friendly) without straying too far from the Dukan path. I'm hoping that at the very least I'll continue on the 2lbs a week trend from now until my big day which will leave me in a very happy place come wedding time. Wish me luck!

Secondly, as the title suggests, I've had a real wedding inspired table plan idea that involves numerous pretty frames. I saw this idea in some wedding magazine or another (can't quite remember as I read so many!) and absolutely loved it. Traditionally the table plan is mounted into one large frame, but I love love love the idea of putting each table into it's own frame and displaying them all like you would on a mantle or side table in your home. I chose these gold and white ornate frames as they'll match perfectly with my colour theme and venue. The best thing about this display is that you could literally find frames to match any theme, colour scheme or location. Love!

These ornate beauties are from Sainsbury's and retail for about half the price of other high street home retailers. The triple photo ones were £14-£15 and the single ones were just £8. They also do some mega cute mini ones in brights which I might just have to pick up for around the house.

I'm going to attempt to print out my table lists onto thick white paper with gold scripted font to display in these gorgeous frames. Fingers crossed that it will look professional and pretty...

Do you have any inspired idea's for your table plans? Please share with me if you do as I love to hear other bride's thoughts and idea's!

Thanks for reading,

P.S. Apologies for the slightly dark and dodgy photo' was starting to get dark when I got home so didn't have much in the way of natural light!

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  1. They look fab :-) it'll be great honey Vx