Monday, 16 April 2012

Dreaming - By Tina Cerruti

I love a good wedding reading, and in the lead up to my big day, one of the things I've really enjoyed doing is having a good read of different styles of romantic and sometimes funny love poems. Every now and then I stumble on one that instantly brings tears to my eyes and makes me go a bit blubbery. Whether it entails lovely dinosaurs, wet towels or just old fashioned love, I just can't help but post about these little poetic gems when I find them. I think all good words are meant for sharing and hope my readers enjoy them as much as I do.

So that I can continue on with my love of sharing all things bright and beautiful in the world of wedding poems and readings, I've also added a page to my site called 'Collection of Readings' (clickable on the menu bar above) so that all my favourites are in one easy and very readable place. Hope you like!

But onto my latest finding. The last stanza (I think stanza is the's been a long time since Grade 12 English!) whilst somewhat expected, still made me catch my breath a little bit and well up just a bit more. Hope you enjoy Dreaming, by Tina Cerruti as much as I do.

I used to dream of eyes so blue
And loving arms to hold me.
I used to dream of heroic knights
And how gracious they would be.

I used to dream of how I wouldn’t settle
For anything less than best.
I used to dream of how he would majestically
Lay all fears to rest.

I used to dream of fairy tales,
How wondrous would they be
I used to dream of story books
All patterned after me.

I used to dream of a lot of things,
But the moment I met you,
I immediately stopped dreaming,
Because all of my dreams came true.

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