Sunday, 15 April 2012

Updo, Down-do or Something in Between?

With just over two months to go until my big day, it dawned on me yesterday that it's probably about time I sorted out how I want to wear my hair on quite possibly the most important day of my life to date. Not being much in the way of a hair expert, it's something that I've been quite blase about (it helps that I have complete and utter confidence in the skill level of my brilliant hairstylists). I tend to wear my hair pulled back most days for work and when I go out it's always quite simply done either down and straight or with a bit of curl. So yes, what I'm trying to say is that I'm not much of an experimenter in the world of hair science!

I've seen virtual hairstylists mentioned on sites before and thought I'd try it out to see if I could get any idea's for updo's, down-do's or something in between. In googling virtual hairstylists I came across the wonderful world of Taaz. It's pure and utter brilliance. After registering with some very basic info you're free to unleash yourself into the fabulous (and sometimes hilarious) world of virtual make overs. Unfortunately for my husband to be, it's also meant that I've spent the last couple of hours giving myself looks ranging from Carrie Underwood to 'Vampire-ess' while he's been busy painting the ceiling in the kitchen...oops!

I've definitely come out the other side a bit more informed as to what suits me in terms of hair styles. Weirdly enough, the way I wear my hair nine days out of ten was probably my least favourite, so it's 100% been a good couple of hours spent. It's given me some idea's of what to show my hair stylist and what I'm looking for in my big day do.

To give you an idea of what it's capable of I've saved down some of my fave's from my last couple of hours of experimenting...enjoy!

 I played around with both the make-up and the hair. My one top tip: When you upload a photo, try to get one where your hair doesn't show, otherwise you can get a bit of overlap like in this example.
 I'm now contemplating getting a fringe...kind of love the below style!

I also learnt that if I have an updo, it definitely needs to have pieces that frame my face and not just be pulled back. 
Love the vintage glamour of the below look. It's not something I would ever think to try on myself but seeing it on here makes me love it a little!
 And last but not least, my Twilight 'Vampire-ess' look. Definitely not wedding appropriate but just so funny I had to share!

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