Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Dukan Diaries - Part 2

Last week I promised to provide updates on my Dukan progress (see: Now that I'm officially finished the attack phase (the first phase) I feel like it's an ideal point of time to share my progress to date.

To be perfectly honest, it's been the easiest start to a diet I've ever had. I haven't felt hungry, I haven't had to count and keep track of every little thing I eat and I've been more than happy with the selection of foods available to me. I think the key to my success in this first phase was always having allowed foods to hand, as well as a plethora of a choice of aforementioned allowed foods. I really don't think this diet would work if you were fussy about fish or meat, as you'd get bored fairly quickly.

So, during the first phase I've lost (drum roll please....) 6lbs! Hoorah!

I'm more than pleased with my results and have finished the attack phase just about spot on to where the online calculator assumed I would. Happy times.

My meals have basically consisted of oat bran porridge (made with skim milk and sweeteners to taste) for breakfast, chicken, kipper fillets and prawns for lunch (not all together, and to be honest I'd avoid bringing any smoked fish into work again - don't think my co-working neighbours were too pleased with the overpowering smoked fish smell...oops!), ham and fat free greek yogurt for snacks, and scrambled eggs with smoked salmon or ham for dinner. I've still been able to have my morning Latte's (just the 'skinny' version with skimmed milk and sweeteners instead of caramel syrup) and have still been able to enjoy a nice cuppa in the afternoon.

Now it's on to the Cruise Phase and I've never looked so forward to eating vegetables. Having my first vegetables for lunch today will be an absolute treat. Peppers, mushrooms, onions, leeks and celery have never been so enticing. This is the part of the diet that I will supposedly need to be on for 105 days or until I reach my goal weight. I'm hoping my goal weight comes sooner.

Fingers crossed week two will go as smoothly as week one. With the results I've seen so far I would tentatively say that Dukan is by far the most successful diet I've tried. Just need to keep it going now. I'm down to just over 3 months till my big day so wish me luck!

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