Thursday, 12 April 2012

A Bit of Photobooth Fun

I love photobooths. Yes, a simple but very true and thought out statement. I was first introduced to the brilliantness that is for-hire photobooths at the very lovely wedding of Anton and Vicky. I'm not gonna lie, I queued up several times to get some hilarious and memorable photo souvenirs. Whether in a green clown wig, a silly hat, or just as myself, I loved every minute of cheesy posing and face pulling fun. They're a fantastic way to get some 'let your hair down' kind of photo's while still providing endless laughs and entertainment to your guests. My love of all things photobooth grew even more after once again getting some fantastic photo's at a work masquerade ball last Christmas. The booth was one of the stars of the nights and my co-workers and I seemed to queue up numerous times for some fun filled photo's...

If you have the space, and the budget then I would wholeheartedly recommend hiring a photobooth for your big day. Prices range from £500 to £1000 depending on which company you go with. The lovely Anton and Vicky used pictureblast for their wedding and they were absolutely perfect. They have a range of booths from retro to super and have a deal at the moment which gives you the below for £600. It's a fantastic package and well worth the money.

What's Included:
•Set up and take down of booth
•Unlimited visits to the booth (choose between colour or black & white prints per visit by using a touch screen)
•Optional Video Messaging (your guests can leave you short messages from within the booth!)
•Customised labels on prints
•A box full of props * A definite must!
•Guest instant facebook & email IPad
•PictureBlast staff for the duration of the photo booth hire

•All hi resolution images taken in the booth on Disc
•Video messages captured presented on a DVD for you to watch at home
•On-line Image Gallery for you and your guests to view your pictures after the event (password protected)
And if you want to take it that step further, they offer the below package upgrades:
•Full Leather bound album with gift box available in Black or Cream (we supply silver gel pens and adhesive) - £50 *I love this option. I seem to remember writing a few red wine fuelled comments in sparkly glitter gel pens at Anton and Vicky's wedding.
•Double set of prints, one for your guest, one for your guest book (not required with twin strip option) - £50 *I also love this as it almost makes for a favour/souvenier for your guests.
•Key Rings  - We can design a backing and make them up at your event - £100 per 100
•Additional Run Time Hours- £100 per hour
•Idle hours - £25 per hour (if you need the booth set up more than 1 hour ahead of run time)

Last but not least, I couldn't help but share a few of my fave photo's from both events. Enjoy!

Check out the below for more info:

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