Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Personalized Sweeties

If ever in your life you're going to serve up some personalised sweets, your wedding day is the day to do it. Having a husband to be that has a bit of a notorious sweet tooth, I'm organising and supplying a sweets buffet during the evening do on my big day. I'd originally looked into getting a professional company to come in and do it all for me, but after being quoted a few very pricey figures, I opted to do it myself.

A few trips to homesense later, and I'd collected a nice little assortment of various sized mason jars and ivory ceramic dishes that I can't wait to fill with our favourite sweets. I also had a look online and found some very reasonably priced metal scoops and pink and white striped paper bags from Amazon. Perfect and charming for my DIY buffet. I think I'll also pick up some gold and ivory ribbons to decorate the jars with and pull together my wedding colour scheme.

Onto the tasty part - sourcing the sweets themselves.

I love the idea of personalised sweets and there a few brilliant and fun types of sweeties just waiting to be emblazoned with my and my husband to be's wedding day message. Here are my favourites:

Personalised M&M's - With a plethora of colours to match any bride's colour scheme and 2 sides of messages to print, these little pieces of candy coated chocolate are wedding day perfect. As favours or part of a sweets table they're charming and fun. They may be a bit pricey but I think they're worth it. Loves!

Love Heart's - You actually couldn't find a retro sweet more suited to a wedding day. With Swizzler Matlow offering them packaged in more ways than I can count, they're perfect for favours, sweets tables or just as a cheeky wedding day snack. I'll be investing in the 50 rolls for £35 pictured below. Just need to decide on what I'll put as my personal message....

A Bit of Rock - This pretty in pink 'Just Married' option sells for a very reasonable price from none other then John Lewis. You can also get these personalised from specialist websites (as in some of the pics below) but a word of warning...this can cost in the £200+ range for just 100 sweets. Eep! I think I'll just go for the perfectly pretty high street option.

I do love a good personalised wedding day sweetie. Do you have any other fun and perfectly suited wedding day sweets idea's?

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