Monday, 27 February 2012

A Minor Obsession...

Somewhere along my wedding planning path I discovered the online shop at I'm not gonna lie, it was love at first sight. With everything from confetti to candelabras they have a plethora of wedding and wedding related delights all on fairly regular 20% off promotions. It's like being at the wedding show, but from the comfort of your own living room, (and quite often in my case, in my pyjama's with a cup of tea in hand...).

Over the past year I've ordered from them more times than I can count and have always been more than pleased with my lovely purchases. I've eyed up the absolutely gorgeous Vera Wang pieces, splurged on a cake stand with sweet little heart cut out details and stocked up on gold and ivory confetti hearts which made their way into my invitation envelopes (and subsequently spilled onto the floors and then tread throughout the homes of my invitees...oops!). The below are just a few of my faves from their comprehensive offer.  

I definitely have a thing for candelabras. They're such a classic, elegant and timeless table centre and look so beautiful with flowers either in the centre (like the one above) or trailing down and around the base.

They offer both DIY as well as beautifully, professionally printed stationary. The floral scroll on these is so feminine and romantic and I love that you can have your choice of such a wide range of colours.

 I love the idea of putting disposable cameras on the tables for guests to take their own fun pictures of the day and evening - especially when the cameras themselves are this pretty!

Seriously love the birdcages and they have a plethora of choice. This is my fave. They look amazing as either table pieces or scattered around the venue. I think I'll have some outside in the evening with big pillar candles lit inside.

This is the lovely little cake stand I bought. It'll be displayed on my sweets table and I'm going to weave gold ribbon through the cut out hearts on the day to add a bit of colour and load it with french fancies, mini battenbergs and the like. Yummy and pretty! What's not to like!?

They also have some fab inspiration pages. The below are a couple of my all time faves (I obviously have something for the girly, romantic look!):

The best bit about their inspiration pages is that they list all products used to create them below so it's so easy to get the look. Love love love :)

One last note, if you like something from their website, definitely wait until it's on promotion. I don't think I've ever bought anything at less than 20% off so it's definitely worth the wait!

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  1. ha ha ha.....your first paragraph is a true testament of the true shopper you really are! LOVE. seeing the photos of everything makes it all the more special. i love the cake platter! the sweets table..........oh yummy yummy yummy! mini battenbergs???? are you going to tell me what these are OR make me wait?? :-)

    and the birdcages.........what a unique idea! it will be a wedding to remember, that's for sure. i'm getting more excited by the minute. must go now, sweetie. i look forward to your next post!

    love momma di xoxo