Sunday, 26 February 2012

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words (but I'll try and keep it under 700)

For me, one of the most important suppliers, and probably the one that I spent the most time researching, chatting to and contemplating on, was my photographer. When the wedding day itself draws to a close, with the cake reduced to crumbs, the dance floor well and truly boogied out and the happy couple officially together forever, what remains of one of the most important days of your life are the photos. They're the one bit of the day that you'll be able to share with your children, grandchildren and anyone else who didn't have the joy of sharing in the actual day with you (or whoever you can convince to sit down through an hour long reminiscing session - and yes, I will be that Bride).

Having a self confessed un-photogenic husband to be, who'd rather be pretty much anywhere than in front of a camera, I was more then a bit worried about what faces he'd pull in front of a professional photographer.  We're lucky enough to have gone with a photographer that includes an engagement shoot in her package. Quite a few wedding photographers offer pre-wedding shoots these days which give the bride and groom a chance to get used to being in front of the camera and to see what works (and what doesn't!!) before it's go time on the big day. So if like me, you have a groom who prefers to take pictures rather then be in them, then pre-wedding photo's are the way forward.

Being a fan of groupon (who can say no to saving 65% on go-carting, horseback riding and pottery painting!!) I'd spotted quite regular photo-shoot deals popping up from local photographers. At £25 for an hour shoot, 5 photo's on disc and a print of your fave shot, much to my husband to be's dismay, I couldn't say no to the chance of some pre-pre-wedding photo's.

Once I'd convinced my husband to be that multiple photo shoots were the best way to get over his lack of photogenicy (pretty sure I just made that word up, but I like it so it's staying), we were good to go. On the day of the shoot we arrived at the studio and surprisingly, for all my self confidence in my own 'in front of the camera' skills, once actually in a room with a photographer, I was the one who felt like a fish out of water. Being in front of a professional photographer for an extended period of time is nothing like posing for a friend on a night out or a holiday. Out of the couple of hundred or so pictures taken that day we were quite easily able to narrow the ones we liked down to less than 10 - and that's not due to the lack of skill from the photographer himself. We both pulled some definite faces in quite a few of the pics, and just looked a bit uncomfortable in others. However, saying that, even within just that one shoot you could see in our faces, posture and manner that as the hour turned to minutes we became more relaxed and enjoyed ourselves - and that's when the great photo's came through.

Moral of the story and my own honest advice, is to prepare for wedding photo's. Brides try on loads of dresses to find 'the one' and then have numerous fittings to make sure it fits just right, couples pour over sample menu's and then have tasting days to choose their first meal as husband and wife, and the bridal party will even have hair and make-up trials so that everything looks just right on the day. Yes, choosing the right photographer is a massive part of getting the perfect photo's, but being prepared and comfortable in front of the camera is just as important. 

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