Thursday, 8 March 2012

My New Shoe Crush

After yesterdays slightly wordy post (837 to be exact!) I thought that today I should write about something pretty and easy on the eyes. Being an avid reader of quite a large selection of Wedding Magazines (much to my husband to be’s dismay), I’ve come across the name ‘Rachel Simpson’ in conjunction with adoration worthy shoes more times than I can count. Her designs are always beautiful, understated and completely elegant. She somehow combines stunning classic looks with utter practicality. With an Ivory collection spanning over a couple of dozen perfectly designed heels, she’s the ultimate bridal shoe destination and I just couldn't help but share my faves from her amazing collection.

I love Mimi. Like really love Mimi (Mimi is the name of the shoe - don't worry, my husband to be is safe!). As a shoe, she's sophisticated, glamorous and classic all rolled up into the loveliness pictured below. I love the 1920's inspired t-bar and ballroom-esque shape. She's £150 but worth every last penny. I would definitely find an occasion to wear these again after my big day (and again, and again, and again...). If there is shoe perfection, these are it. *Sigh*

Venetia is also an absolute beauty. I love the interlocking heart detail so perfectly positioned on the peep toe and the double seam at the back. They're romantic, feminine and oh so pretty. For £135 they're a bit of a splurge for my budget but for wedding day bliss, are more than worthy of my hard earned dolla. 

And then we come to Iris. In Champagne leather with lovelier than lovely vintage inspired detail it was love at first sight. Not just for weddings these shoes are the perfect accessory for a glam night out. Again, love love love.

 Last but not least, as I love a good bargain I had a quick look on the outlet section of the site. There's not many designs on there currently, but I found the below for the unbelievable price of £20. The best bit is, they had my size! So, as we speak, I have a lovely pair of Coco's making their way to my lucky front door. Hoorah!

There's plenty more stunning and gorgeous shoes from where these came from so have a look for yourselves (just maybe get someone to hide your credit card first...):

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