Monday, 5 March 2012

A Revealing Conversation...

My husband to be and I went out last night to a friend's birthday dinner at the local curry house. We don't usually venture out on a Sunday evening, but as we had today off from work to go the registrars, we happily went along. When we were taking our seats, somehow, the girls ended up at one end of the table and the boys at the other. As one of the other girls in the party is also in full on wedding planning mode (she's getting married 2 weeks after me) the talk at our end of the table seamlessly turned to weddings - my favourite conversation piece.

Her and her bridesmaids had been out scouring the high street for hours on end on Saturday to find the perfect bridesmaids dresses (much nicer then I was - I just made an executive decision and chose them myself!). However, the perfect dress eluded them as apparently all four of the bridesmaids are quite, well, ahem, well endowed. From Monsoon to Debenhams and the high street to bridal stores, nothing seemed to work. She asked my opinion and after a good think, I recommended Pepperberry - the clothing brand partnered with Bravissimo.

Their philosophy is simple: Clothes designed with your boobs in mind! They have three different options of each high street size - Curvy, Really Curvy or Super Curvy - which makes finding that perfect fit a cinch. No pulling seams, gaping buttons or 'too revealing where it's not supposed to be revealing' necklines.  

Having a look at their current offer they have quite a few dresses that I thought could make that transition from high street buy to wedding day perfection. I found most of the ones I really liked in their sale section (even better) and size wise there still seemed to be quite a bit of choice. The below are my top picks:

The Tiered Frill Dress below was my fave. At £34.50 down from £69.00 it would be the perfect bridesmaid dress for a bright summer wedding. I love the refreshing colour and the tiered chiffon hemline.

I also love this 50's inspired Lace Full Skirt Dress. It's still full price at £79.00 but is definitely one of those bridesmaids dresses that you could actually wear again. The Navy colour is easy to wear and on bang on trend. Love!

If you're going for a monochrome black and white look on the day, then this little black dress is too good to pass up. Also in the sale section it's priced at £39.50 from £79.00. I don't know where else you'd get that kind of value - it has a boned bodice and a net under skit - on such a lovely detailed dress!

I don't think the picture on this one is fantastic, but it definitely has some real potential. Again in the sale section, and at only £22.50 (it was £75!) there's limited sizes so I'd act fast. The online description says it all: 
'This empire line chiffon dress is super flattering and exudes elegance. The asymmetric shoulder with detachable flower corsage adds a stylish touch and the straps have been positioned so you can still wear a bra. The silky lining feels super soft to the touch and the full length skirt drapes beautifully over your curves.'
In fact, whatever's left on the sizing there'll be one less as I think this may also be a perfect honeymoon dress...

There's something about the Rose Print Prom Dress below that kept catching my eye. The purple is beautiful and rich and I love the shape of the A-line skirt. It may not be a typical looking bridesmaid dress but I think that's why I love it a little. It's in the sale too (I love a good bargain!) at £37.50.

The Platinum Shift dress below was one I'd looked at when searching for my own bridesmaids dresses (my colour scheme is gold and ivory), but as it was full price at the time I ruled it out. It's now in the sale at £39.00 and as such a classic style would add a touch of elegance to any wedding day.

If you want a further look, check out their website:

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