Sunday, 4 March 2012

Why Spa Days Should be Included in the Wedding Budget...

I started out thinking I was going to write this post about why weddings can be stressful and how lovely it is to be able to take the time out and have a spa day, but I just couldn't whole-heartedly say that weddings are stressful.

Organising the day itself is amazing. I've loved choosing everything from flowers to frocks and being able to put my own personal stamp on each and every little detail. I've spent hours (actually it's probably more like days if you added everything up!) scouring the internet for decorations, suppliers and the like. I've gone to three of the NEC wedding shows, spoken to more photographers than I can count and purchased more wedding magazines than my husband to be has purchased MCN's (some sort of motorcycling newspaper that seems to make its way onto my coffee table every week...). None of that has been stressful. Okay, maybe it was a bit stressful the time I went to the wedding show on a Sunday and it was ridiculously busy (to the point where the aisles were filled with Brides frantically trying on dresses and you could barely move through the crowds) and to top it off I was nursing a teeny bit of a hangover from the girls night before of making wedding mood boards and drinking rose, but that's it on the wedding stress-o-meter scale.

However, saying that, once you pass that ever so important six months to go mark, things do step up a notch or two in the 'omg, I only have five paychecks and 180 days to get everything 100% sorted and done' category. At this point you also start getting RSVP's, random queries and requests from guests, have suppliers you booked six months ago start calling again for wedding day details and info, and all happening while you're still working full time and trying to have some form of a social life. So, while the wedding itself might not be stressful, the people in and around the wedding day tend to cause a bit of stress in the lead up to that all important big day.

Bring on the Spa.

I'm lucky enough to have a fantabulous bridesmaid that treated me as a surprise to a lovely afternoon of pure spa bliss. It was just what the doctor ordered. We took hoards of gossip magazines and put our feet up for a few solid hours of pampering. I came out feeling refreshed and ready to once again take on the wedding world.

I still have a few months to go and have a feeling I'll be needing at least one more trip to the afternoon spa, but now that it's a category in my budget tracker, it's completely justifiable.

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