Thursday, 22 March 2012

First Dance: My Top Ten

When it comes to music, I like a bit of everything. From One Direction and JLS to Kasabian and The Streets, and everything from country to rock, I'll go through moods of listening to it all. So when it came to trying to narrow down and select a first dance song, it was not an easy task. I'd hear one song one day, absolutely love it and happily nod to myself thinking, 'yup, this is the one' and then change my mind the next day when I heard something different that happened to suit my mood more. In the end, my husband to be chose our song and it's so completely perfect and suited to the two of us, that it could've been made for us and our wedding. Happy times.  

However, I'm not gonna lie, the search for the perfect first dance song was both entertaining and enlightening. When I googled 'first dance songs', I was treated by such delights as 'All my Life' by Kci and Jojo (brilliant song when I was 15 and at a school dance, but not so much at 28 and having my first dance as a married woman), and 'Endless Love' by Diana Ross and Lionel Ritchie. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely not adverse to a bit of cheese, and in fact, I kind of love it, but I have to say, I think I could do better than 'Amazed' by Lone Star...

Sooooo, here are my top ten favourite first dance songs. Feel free to disagree, poke fun at my taste, agree or add some of your own.

1) Cheese and Buble go together like a horse and carriage. I have a major soft spot in my heart for this song and love how it's a bit cheerful and upbeat while still being slow enough to dance to. Yes, you can make fun of me all you'd like, but to me, Buble is brilliant (I may or may not own his Christmas album and made my husband to be sit through his entire Christmas special last year).

2)From one of my favourite rom coms (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days), my number 2 choice is 'Feels Like Home' by Chantal Kreviazuk. Such a lovely but super cheesy song. My favourite combination.

3)Take That's 'Rule the World'. Friends of mine had this as their first dance and it's such a lovely song. Gary Barlow? Yes please!

4)The very lovely Anton and Vicky had 'Drops of Jupiter' by Train as their first dance and it was absolutely perfect (like out of a movie some might say)...

5)I'll apologise now, yes, Shania Twain is making it in at number 5. However, it's not 'From this Moment', or 'You're Still the One', it's 'When You Kiss Me'. I love it. Like allot.

6)A bit of Jack Johnson always makes me that little bit happier. There's something about 'Banana Pancakes' that makes we wish my wedding was on a beach in Hawaii. If it was, I'd without a doubt have this as my first dance.

7)Who doesn't love a bit of Al Green? Ever since I heard 'Love is a Beautiful Thing' in Legally Blond, it's been one of my favourite pick me up songs. Love the lyrics, love the soulfull Al Green and love how you can't help but smile listening to this song.

8)'This Will Be (an Everlasting Love)' by Natalie Cole makes it in at number 8. It's a bit up tempo for a first dance song, but I think that's why I like it. See what I mean about liking cheese?

9)Another country favourite, number nine is 'Somebody to Love' by Keith Urban. You can't fail with country songs when it comes to a bit of lovely cheese. 

10)Last but not least, if you googled first dance songs, this would probably come up in numerous lists, but I still love it. Edwin McCain's 'I'll Be'.

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  1. Beautiful picks Chels, goosebumps xo.
    Once again we have such similar taste, Shania, Edwin, keith, all on my list of wedding songs for myself. Yes I'm still just mentally planning, lol.