Monday, 19 March 2012

My Attempt at a Bit of DIY

There's no denying it - weddings are expensive. Creating a budget is a metaphoric minefield. It's every couples first test of what married life entails. Trying to decide on what to splurge on (photographer), what to save on (umm...errr...Men's suits?!), what's necessary (sweets table!) and what's not (sadly the photobooth), is a good and true test of how you'll make decisions as a couple going forward.

To help save a few of our hard earned pounds, I thought I'd have a go at a bit of DIY'ing on some of the little touches that are otherwise rather expensive.

First up was favour tags. I love the look of vintage looking gift tags and the idea of attaching them with pretty gold ribbon to each of my favours, but when I checked out prices online, I was a bit taken aback at how much they actually cost. The average personalised tag was over £1.00 per tag, and sorry, but £60 on some gift tags was not going to make the cut in my strict budget. I had a look on Amazon and found some absolutely lovely plain ivory cut out styles from paper baker. The ones I chose were only £2.25 for 10, so already a massive savings. I then wandered down to Hobbycraft on a Saturday and found a lovely stamp and some gorgeous gold ink to customise them with and Voila! Pretty little favour tags for less than 30p a piece. A bit of gold ribbon to finish them off and they'll be perfectly perfect.

Next up is some DIY pottery. No, I didn't make the pottery myself (in no way shape or form am I that talented!), but I did spend a good couple of hours in a charming little pottery painting studio on Saturday afternoon. After many cups of tea, accidentally putting my paint brush into the milk pot, and a very focused hour trying to do three coats on the 'Mr and Mrs' letters, I ended up with a lovely little cupcake plate for my sweets table and a 'Mr and Mrs' personalised ceramic heart for my head table (and my lovely friend Izzy made a cuter than cute chicken for the kitchen). I don't have the final product quite yet as I'm waiting for it to be fired and glazed, but here are the results so far (I'll post a pic of the end result next weekend!):

I have one last DIY project I'm working on, but it might have to wait until after the wedding day so I don't spoil the surprise for my six lovely bridesmaids...

Do you have any great wedding DIY idea's? I'm always happy to hear!

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